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True Love Story Read Online in English 2019

True Love Story Read Online in English 2019: The sage had first love at the age of fourteen. Rishi was in the eighth class at that time, he was young but in modern times, people sit in love at this age.

Rishi's first love was with his class-reading girl "Neelam". Neelam was a girl from a rich family, her age would be only 13 -14 years and she was beautiful in appearance. Sapphire's father was property dealing, people with good money.

True Love Story Read Online in English 2019

True Love Story Read Online in English 2019
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The sage heart had given his heart to Neelam but was always afraid to say. Rishi's father was a teacher in a school. His family was also normal, so the sage never expressed love out of fear.

Let's rectify a dirty habit of the sage under the pretext of this love. The sage used to make new excuses not to go to school the next day, but nowadays he used to get ready from time to time and used to run quietly to school. Parents think the child has improved but the son's heart was stuck somewhere else.

Time passed like this… but the sage never dared to express his love, he used to see Sapphire secretly. Yes, sometimes there was talk of both of them, but on the topic of studies .. the sage could not say anything about the heart.

Time passed, eighth pass, ninth pass… now had passed tenth but the wish was still buried in my heart.

Today was the last day of school. The sage had a sad heart that he could hardly see Neelam now because Rishi's father wanted to send his son to teach in the big city after tenth.

On the last day of school, all the friends were hugging each other lovingly, sharing their memories. Neelam was also very happy with her friends, today ... everyone was enjoying, what was the last day but Rishi had tears in his eyes.

The sage quietly went to class and took out his school identity card from Neelam's bag. There was a cute picture of Neelam on that card. The sage thought that I would miss my love just after seeing this photo.

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After taking a loan from the bank, father sent Rishi to read outside. Neelam's father also built a big house in another city and shifted there. The sage was now separated from the Sapphire forever.

Time passed by its speed, Rishi completed his studies and now started working in a big company, was also a well-paid but there was always a shortcoming in life - that was Neelam. Even after millions of attempts, the sage was never able to meet Sapphire again.

The family members married Rishi to a beautiful girl and incidentally the name of that girl was also Neelam. Whenever the sage called his wife by the name of Neelam, his heart beat was fast. Pictures of childhood used to emerge before the eyes. He never let the wife realize this, but even today, he really loved Neelam.

One day Rishi was searching for some files that suddenly he got that childhood identity card of Neelam. Seeing Neelam's lovely face printed on her, the sage got emotional that only then the wife came in and she also saw that photo.

Wife - Who is this? Just show me its photo

Rishi - Oh nothing, she was such a childhood friend

Wife - oh this is my photo, this is my childhood photo, look, it was written "Saraswati convent school", I used to study here only

The sage became a little mad at hearing this - what is your photo? I love this girl very much since childhood

Neelam now showed her personal diary to Rishi where many childhood photographs of Neelam were posted. The sage's wife was actually the nymph he loved since childhood.

Neelam wiped the sage's tears and hugged him with love because he was a lover of her not from today but from childhood.

The sage was thanking God again and again !!

Friends, they say that if love is true then it brings color. Same happened with Rishi and Neelam ..

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